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A newborn Mewtwo opens his eyes to find himself in a labratory, with other scientists surrounding him. These are the scientists who genetically cloned him, with aid from the genetically-processed cells of Mew. Mew is the strongest and rarest Pokémon on Earth. The scientist's goal was to create the strongest Pokémon ever, able to speak a human language. Mewtwo knows that he was artificially born, and he becomes confused, and while escaping, destroys the labratory. Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket, realizes Mewtwo's potential and commands him to help with capturing Pokémon. Mewtwo continues to think about his life, and how he came to be. Growing angry, he destroys Team Rocket's headquarters and heads off to be by himself.

Ash, Misty and Brock are seen around a grassy area close to a cliff. A man soon approaches Ash, and challenges him to a Pokémon battle. Ash easily defeats the trainer, but then recieves a strange invitation by a holographic woman. She was sent by an unknown source, but refers to the sender as merely "the strongest Pokémon trainer". This trainer is said to have a type of League, in the castle found on New Island. After hearing about this trainer, and a challenging competition, Ash undoubtedly accepts.

Eager to participate in such a competition, Ash, Misty and Brock rush to the nearest port. Upon arriving, the trio soon note the weather has drastically changed, as a storm blows in, making the waves too rough to sail across the ocean. Many other trainers were also invited by this mysterious "trainer" to participate as well. Ash soon finds out that a female doctor of a Pokémon Center has been missing. Ash watches hopelessly as other trainers possessing Water or Flying types dare to cross the sea. It seems that all hope is lost as Ash and his party have no Pokémon strong enough to try the water.

Just as all hope had seemed lost, to Ash's luck, a boat soon sails up and the two sailors,their features covered by large helmets, aboard offer Ash and his friends a ride. Excited, Ash gratefully accepts the strangers generocity, as he, Misty and Brock board. Ash is still pumped about the challenge awaiting, while his Pikachu is scared to be out in the storm. As the boat is sailing over the rough water, a huge wave forms, knocking the sailor's helmets from their faces, revealing them as Jessie and James, the "original" teenage duo from Team Rocket. Ash, Misty and Brock are shocked to see who the generous duo is, but they are immedately thrown from the boat as another wave crashes infront of them.

Misty calls out Starmie, while Ash chooses Squirtle. The three of them grab ahold of a Pokémon, to keep from drowning. They soon reach New Island, where three other trainers were already waiting. Team Rocket is soon to follow. The mysterious holographic lady appeared again, telling all the trainers to release their Pokémon from their Pokéballs. Ash and the others reluctantly do, but are surprised when their "host trainer of the competition" appears before them. It is Mewtwo, the genetically created Pokémon. As of now, none of the trainers present know of his existence, but it is unheard of a mere Pokémon becoming a "trainer". The other trainers are angered by the Pokémon unheard of "superiority". The holographic lady soon regains her natural form, as Ash and his friends realize that she is the female doctor from the Center.

Mewtwo quickly takes the trainers to a special field that he has created, specially for this competition.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket enters the castle and happens to find themselves in a labratory of monsters, which are contained in large glass containers. This labratory is Mewtwo's, as he creates fake, more powerful, living replicas of original Pokémon. As they are looking around in the large room, Meowth is grabbed by a pair of eletronic hands and put onto a conveyer belt. As he fights to get loose, one of the hands yanks three hairs from his fur. Meowth escapes the grasp of the hands, as a copy of himself is created in one of the containers.

Back on the League field, the trainers await the beginning of the competiton by their "host trainer", Mewtwo. To prove to the trainers that his replica Pokémon are superior to theirs, Mewtwo telepathically summons three Pokémon, which each trainer posesses one of Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur. Each of these are stronger than the originals, which are no match for the replica Pokémon. To make more replicas, Mewtwo sends forth his specially created capturing devices to catch the original monsters still on the battling field. Each is quickly captured, except for Pikachu. After narrowly escaping several capturing devices, Pikachu is finally captured in a Pokéball. Ash runs to try and help Pikachu, but he immediately is taken away, out of sight.

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